Reimbursement for Non-Travel Expenses Incurred
(Expense Reimbursement Procedures)
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After submitting, you will receive a summary page with instructions for printing and mailing (with attached receipts); an Officer or Committee Chair must approve expenditures before the request is submitted to the RMASFAA Treasurer.
 Date(s) of incurred expenses: (mm/dd/yy - 07/22/17)
        from / /   to / /
Activity/session that incurred these expenses:

Make Check Payable To:
Mail Check To:
Street or PO Box
State             Zip
Submitted By
  1. Print one copy of this page.
  2. Sign and date the form at the Signature of Traveler section.
  3. Forward signed/dated form (via email, fax, or regular mail), along with all required receipts to the appropriate committee chair or officer for approval. The approved reimbursement request will then be forwarded to the Treasurer for payment.
    NOTE: Scanned or faxed copies of receipts are acceptable.
  4. If you have questions about the reimbursement process, please email RMASFAA Treasurer Becca Dobry at

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