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  • All searches are case-insensitive.
  • "And," "or" and "not" operators can be used. The default is "and."
  • Parentheses force a search order.
  • Limited wildcard searches are possible, by appending a * to the end of a word. Otherwise the search looks for complete words.
  • Searching for phrases is not supported.
Search Examples:    
The search expression... returns pages containing...
Student Loan both the words, "Student" and "Loan."
Student and Loan both the words, "Student" and "Loan.
Student or Loan either the word "Student" or the word "Loan."
Student and (Loan or Aid) the word "Student" and either the word "Loan" or the word "Aid."
Student and not Loan the word "Student" and not the word "Loan."
Stu* the words "Student," "Stupid," "Stupendous," "Study," etc.

News updated 11.11.19
  • Important Notice

    RMASFAA is in the process of transitioning to a new website. While we are in the final stages of converting to our new website platform, all update, membership, and payment functions will be unavailable. You will reach a "page not found" message. These functions will be available in the next few weeks when our new website opens.

    If you have any questions about this in the meantime, please contact Robb Cummings.

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