Dear RMASFAA Colleagues:

Welcome to Billings and the opportunity for us to pursue new ideas, meet new colleagues, re-connect with friends, be challenged by different perspectives, and immerge ourselves in training. Whether you are a ‘regular attendee’, have not joined us in a few years, or a first-time attendee, be prepared to be awed by the sessions presented, the ideas shared, and the passion exhibited for our profession.  The RMASFAA board is excited that you are joining us for ‘Expedition 406”. 
RMASFAA’s core mission is to promote professional preparation, leadership development, effectiveness, and mutual support of persons involved in student financial aid administration, and working towards implementing programs that will have a positive impact on students' ability to pay for higher education. The conference committee has developed a program which ensures that our legacy will continue.

The sessions are designed for new and seasoned aid professionals that address pertinent issues facing administrators today. Each session and presenter has been carefully selected for a conference agenda that promises to address the needs of our ever changing profession. I want to extend a special ‘thank you’ to each presenter, moderator, and volunteer who has contributed their time and talents to make this conference a success.

I would also like to extend a sincere "thank you" to the RMASFAA Executive Board for all their support and hard work this past year. I am honored and fortunate to have served with such a fine group of dedicated individuals and professionals.

As many have stated before me, RMASFAA is more than an association, we are a network of friends supporting each other and making a positive impact on those we serve. So let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the energy and efforts of the past year.  I hope you enjoy our annual conference and make time to connect with friends and make new ones.

Thank you for showing up and getting the job done,
Myra Pfannenstiel, RMASFAA President 2018-2019